RULES (since January 2015)


1.1) Purpose
- The GWR or Generally World Ranking aims to compare the performances of Generally drivers according to their performances in various competitions and to the difficulty of these.
- It is based on the same idea as GRADE which is today abandoned.

1.2) Types of events
- Hotlap : alone against the time, only the best lap is counted (or the 2,3,4,... best laps).
- Timetrial : alone against the time during several laps in a row or rallye-stage.
- Race : against 1 to 5 AI controled by computer.

1.3) Types of periods
- By month.
- General classification.

1.4) Past rules
- Before January 2015 : archives


2.1) Requirements to be supported
- A new competition, a new season of an old competition or a special event must have an English thread (with the rules, the schedule and the files to use) in the following English forum, in competitions section : Generally Racers
- The test and preseason events are not supported if the organizer requests it.
- Generally.exe : each competition must use at least the version 1.10, else they won't be supported.

It could be useful (but not mandatory) if the competition also had a specific website either in english or enough intelligible to be understood by a non English-Speaker.

2.2) Competitions already supported
- ‑> Supported Events <‑


3.1) Purposes
- It has to reward the efforts of the players : the more there is participants and the more it is difficult to have good result.

3.3) Scores

3.3.1) Classification and calculation
- The ranking of each month/year/category is made according to "score".
- The score of each category is calculated by increments : the more a result is good and the more it will have a significant weight in final "score".
- The scores of each event are rounded to the higher integer.

3.3.2) Disqualifications (DQ)
- According to the GWR a driver is disqualified only in case of cheating, by playing with a prohibited speed game, by using the identity of someone else, by using several nicknames in the same event to skew the results or by modifying the files (screenshot, savegame, track, car, AI, gr.ini). In all other cases he will be considered as NC (not classified) by the GWR.
- In both cases (DQ or NC) the driver scores 0 point.
- For score calculation, a disqualification is more important than all other results.

3.3.3) Increments

Value of increments

Multiplier of Increments

3.3.4) Score calculations for drivers
Whole year :
- Sum of each month.

For each month :
- Score of race (or hotlap, or timetrial) category = points of the 2 best results x1 + points of the next 2 best results x1/2 + points of the next 2 best results x1/4 + ...
- Score for general classification = sum of the 3 categories.

3.3.5) Example of score calculation for a month
- A driver runs 21 events in the month and earns the following GWR points (category between brackets) : 2 (C), 75 (TT), 48 (TT), 57 (HL), 37 (C), DQ (C), 88 (C), 23 (TT), 52 (TT), 60 (HL), 67 (HL), 62 (TT), 46 (C), 7 (HL), 72 (C), 72 (HL), 229 (C), 6 (HL), 79 (TT), 46 (TT), 72 (TT).
- Look in the table : the value of increments for a month in each category is 2, and for general classification we have to take the best result.
- After you have to sort the result of each category from the best to the worst (put the DQ at the header of the list because they are considered more important than all other results).

The sorted lists are :
- Races : DQ, 229, 88, 72, 46, 37, 2.
- Hotlaps : 72, 67, 60, 57, 7, 6.
- Timetrials : 79, 75, 72, 62, 52, 48, 46, 23.
- The more important result is the DQ (0pt, hence the importance of never try to cheat).

- Therefore the scores are (each division is rounded to the higher integer) :
- Races : 0 + 229 + 88/2 + 72/2 + 46/4 + 37/4 + 2/8 = 0 + 229 + 44 + 36 + 12 + 10 + 1 = 332
- Hotlaps : 72 + 67 + 60/2 + 57/2 + 7/4 + 6/4 = 72 + 67 + 30 + 29 + 2 + 2 = 202
- Timetrials : 79 + 75 + 72/2 + 62/2 + 52/4 + 48/4 + 46/8 + 23/8 = 79 + 75 + 36 + 31 + 13 + 12 + 6 + 3 = 255
- Generally : sum of the 3 categories = 332 + 202 + 255 = 789

3.3.6) Particular case
- If only one category has been ran (for a month or a year) then the scores of general ranking will be the same than scores of this category.

3.3.7) Score calculations for teams and nations
- Important : this is not the total of points of each event which is considered as a result but the points of each driver for each round.
- Else it's the same calculations than drivers, only the increments change.
- Exception : event with a teams ranking separate from drivers ranking.

3.4) Points

3.4.1) Generality
- The NC (not classified) drivers score only 1 point (x multiplier).
- For login events, drivers who loged on but have sent nothing will score the point(s) of last position.
- In case of tie, the drivers have the same number of points.
- The points of each events are rounded to the higher integer.

3.4.2) Tables


The multiplier choice is based on the distance and winner's time, the higher is chosen.

Additional multiplier
- If only the top X drivers are classified, an additional multiplier will be applied to the result (because it's not so easy to be in the top X).
- Multiplier = (winner's points with all participants) / (winner's points with X participants).

3.4.3) Distance and winner's time
- Distance : for each track, multiply its length by the number of lap(s) and at least by 6 (per different track).
- Winner's time : total time of the winner, calculate with at least 6 laps by track.

3.4.4) Rallyes
- Event on several rallye-stages and eventually several deadlines.
- Each rallye is counted as one event in GWR (look table above to know which multiplier to apply).

3.4.5) Rookie events
- Event only reserved to rookies or drivers who took part to a little number of events and with no great results.
- In this the multiplier given by the table above won't be used and will be replaced by the multiplier 2 rows above (or on the 1st row if it's impossible).

3.4.6) Endurance events
- The drivers are classified by teams and in each one by best stint (in km/h).

3.4.7) Tournaments
- Qualifications : points are awarded normally.
- Final phases = 1/n finals + eventually a classification round : points won are divided by attendance and multiplied by attendance of qualifications.
- For example : 1st round = qualifications (16 drivers), 2nd round = 1/4 finals + match for 9th position (8+5 = 13 drivers), 3rd round = 1/2 finals + match for 5th position (4+3 = 7 drivers), 4th round = final A + final B (2+2 = 4 drivers) ; the following multipliers will be used : 16/13 for 2nd round, 16/7 for 3rd round and 16/4 for 4th round.

3.5) Seeded drivers
- Classification of the 32 drivers who have the best scores during the 6 previous months.

3.6) Rookies
- A driver is considered as rookie of GWR for his first month of participation. To not handicap him if he started during the month or at the end of the month, he's also considered as rookie for his second month of participation, except if the first month he won the classification of rookies or if he was driver of the month in at least one of the 4 categories.
- The rookie standing is cancelled if the best result of each of them is : disqualified (DQ) or not classified (NC).

3.7) Tie (scores)
- Only drivers of podium will be decided between, the best position is for the driver with less disqualifications, and after for the driver with most points, and after for the rookies (1st month before 2nd month), and for most victories, and most 2nd positions, and most 3rd positions, … , most events, poles positions, 2nd positions in qualifs, … , best laps (*), 2nd best laps, … , high score in GWR, 2nd high score in GWR, … , best average speed, 2nd best average speed, … , best margin of victory, 2nd margin of victory, … , smallest difference with winner, 2nd difference with winner. If there is again a tie, the best position is for the youngest driver in Generally in the category of the tie.
* only in race and timetrial.

3.8) Low attendance rule (since August 2013)

The events with an attendance under the limit of 5 drivers are supported but for the statistics only :
- The positions are considered as "not classified".
- The best margins of victory, best laps, pole positions and track victories are not counted.
- The fastest victories and top speeds are counted.
- The GWR points are attributed as usual.

Limit of attendance :
- Individual events : the attendance limit is 5 classified drivers.
- Endurance events : the attendance limit is 3 classified teams of at least two drivers.
- Tournaments : the final phases are not concerned if at least one of the qualification events has an attendance upper or equal to the limit.
- The championships or sub-championships must have at least 3 events with an attendance upper or equal to the limit.

3.9) Special event (only for drivers rankings, since March 2016)
- At the end of each month and only if none hotlap has been raced (*), a "virtual" event is added, it's the Bonus Hotlap Event, to avoid a hotlap ranking even if there is no hotlap event during the month.
- The points are calculated by adding the points earned for each race and timetrial (except rallye-stage) of the month, only for login events.
- Points : 1st (alone) = 5 pts, 1st (tie) = 4 pts, 2nd (alone) = 3 pts, 2nd (tie) = 2 pts, 3rd = 1 pt, the other drivers are not classified.
- Low attendance (lest than 5) : points substracted = 5 - attendance, if the result is less or equal to 0 it is not counted.
- Tie : Only drivers of podium will be decided between, the best position is for the driver with most best lap(s), and after for the driver with most 2nd best lap(s), and most 3rd best lap(s), … , best margin of best lap, 2nd margin of best lap, … , smallest different with best lap, 2nd smallest different with best lap, … If there is again a tie, the best position is for the youngest driver in Generally.

(*) Except for April 2016 : in this case there were the Bonus Hotlap Event and another hotlap.


4.1) Teams (general classification)
Endurance Events :
- as the drivers use the same car, win/podium/top5/top10/BL/PP/DQ are counted only once.
- the teams score the sum of their 2 best drivers' points.
Other events :
- each team scores the sum of points/wins/podiums/top5/top10/BL/PP/DQ of their drivers.

4.2) Imposed teams / GR teams (since december 2011)

4.2.1) Definition
- For competitions where teams are imposed (Ferrari, McLaren, Red Bull, ...) players can, if they wish, choose another team for the GWR ranking.
- One imposed team = One GR team, meaning that all drivers listed on an imposed team will run for the same GR team.
- If no request is made then the name of the imposed team is preserved, but it won't score points for GWR.

4.2.2) Eligibility for the GWR
- The imposed teams are not eligible for GWR, they don't score points and don't appear in statistics.
- They are only mentionned in result pages : full results of each events and championships, partial results with only the winner names or drivers' statistics.


5.1) Rankings
- Each month, to make classification I take the date of results (or at least replays) publication of each event instead of deadline.

5.2) Deadline of publication to be counted in the month
- The second day of the next month, 23h59 GMT+1 (Paris). Only if the deadline is before the end of the month.


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