Thanks to …

PsEG : for his files with results of GRADE (GeneRally Amateur Driver Experience systeme).
Soltys : for results of GKC (Generally Kart Championship) and GWA (Generally Winner Archives), and also for helping me with Login System.
JTarJ and Murano for their help for organize GWL (Generally World League).
Raska, JTarJ and Murano : for their ideas to improve the rules and also the ranking system.
JTarJ and Imola who have given to me a sub-forum with full access rights in F1‑Cup forum.
All other drivers who give me ideas, send me informations or warn me when they find mistakes in my database.

Members of GWR Staff
Raska : special thanks and congratulations for finding new competitions for GWR, contacting the owners who are interested or convincing them.